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THE KITXMAT-i'iMA.                                             231

reading does not convey the bitten Intention ; if yon look only to the letter,

how can yon grasp trie spirit ? Thus Is declared the glory of the Hindus, that
the last cf the Prophets shall be of them. And the Lord Christ, that great
Prochet, was the king of the poor Jews. This is stated in the 5th Sipara ; if
yon do not believe me, go and examine the Kama yourself. It Is also stated in
the Hindu books that Badh Kalankl will assuredly come. When he has coniej
he will make all alike ; east and west will both be under him. Some one wil
say, ' will both be at once T this, toOj I mil clear up, explaining the intention
to the Lest of my ability ; without a guide you would not get at the truth.
Kalanki. It is salda will be on a liorse — this every one knows — and astrologers
say that Yijayabhinand will make an ead of the Kaiijug. J$&wy the Gospel says
that Christ is the tead of all and that lie will come and do justice. Hie Jews
say that Hoses is the greatest and that all will be saved through Mm. All
follow different customs and proclaim the greatness of their own master. Thus
Idly qarreiling they fix upon different names ; but the end of all is the same?
the supreme God. Eack understands only Ms own language^ but there is
no real difference at bottom. All the scriptures bear witness that there are
different names in different languages ; bat truth and untruth are the two in-
compaiibles^ and Maya and Bralun have to be distinguished from one another.
In Both worlds there was confusion ; some walking by the law of Hindu, others
by the law o£ M ahanmiadan ceremonial* Bat knowledge has t evealed the truth
and. made both heaven and earth : as the sun. lias made manifest* all crea-
tion and harmonized the whole world^ so the power of God bears witness to
God ; lie speaks and all obey. AH who perform acts of religions wocsMp do
them to tike Lord ; the word of the Most High feas declared it so. It is writ-
ten in the third Sipira lie opened the gates of the highest heaYem*

k* XJbe Lalitrfd-kadr (or night of power]        three contentions : on the third

the judgment will commence*   The spirits and angels wil appear in

peraon, for it         en that night that they descended :f the blessings of a

months descended also*   The chiefs vill be formed into two compar-

; God will gi¥e them Ms orders       through them there shall be salvaiioxu

* For J3fele§« I propose to read Kkxhym; but          so tha meaning dieitel

f The liimlom are to fee chapter of the Kurfe          Iks Simi-al-ia£lrf wMA Ii m M$cm s
« ¥eri!y we hare caosed the to d»coii on the night of paver.   And Who ahtU. tmch ^we
the sigh: of power is ?   The nigii of power escsatetli a tkonauid mrn^m ; tiwwn teweml
the ange:i and the ipirit faj                  of                 in crmy mrttws wwi mil i» peace Ml tb»
ci the mom."